Travel Grants

Travel Grants are available for early career researchers on a competitive basis. These include undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers under 35 or within 5 years after completing their PhD. Holders of a group leader position are not eligible.

Travel Grants will cover air/train tickets (up to 300 EUR), accommodation (up to 200 EUR) and waived participation fee.

Early career researchers from outside the Europe and CIS with an airfare of more than 500 EUR should apply to the conference organizers directly.

To apply for the Travel Grant, please click on the “Early Career Scientist” option during registration, and then send an Application Letter & CV to, which should include the following information: personal details, education, employment and research history, career plan and publications. Please indicate arrival and departure dates, choice of accommodation as well as Russian visa requirements.

Note: Grants can be paid by the Organising Committee in Russian Rubles (based on the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the date of payment). Alternatively, we also offer an option to directly cover your accommodation and/or air/train tickets (see below).

For early career researchers, we offer rooms with discounts but only if you reserve via MONOMAX (please, contact

  • in the hostel Friends on Bankovsky, situated in a very central location, distance from the conference venue: 20 min by foot;
  • in the hotel “Nevsky Grand”***, situated in a very central location, distance from the conference venue: 25 min by foot.

If you receive a travel grant, we can cover 300 Euros of the costs of your accommodation directly (so no need for you to pay first and then wait for getting the money back from us).

Please, also consider the option that we can pay your air/railway tickets in a similar way (that is, we pay the ticket for you and send the electronic tickets to you); however, we can do this ONLY if the costs of the tickets do not exceed 200 Euros.