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Agrisera is a Swedish company committed to serving the plant science community. We are developing commercial and custom antibodies. Our goal is to provide the best research tools and services. Our products include: Plant Cell Compartment Antibody Marker, antibodies to loading controls, largest on the market comprehensive antibody collection for various research areas in Plant Science.

Your scientific success is our focus.



For more than 15 years, OPTEC has been representing high-technology and innovative solutions for visualisation and analytics in fields of life science, medicine, material scence, nanotechnologies and industrial segment. OPTEC is a partner of the world leading manufacturers of unique equipment and supplies their best advanced technologies used in many well-known universities and research centers, laboratories, clinics, industrial facilities. This approach provides our customers the possibility to achieve and hold the leading positions in their fields of activities.



Nikon is a world-renowned brand, firmly established as a market leader in optical instrumentation and the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, ensuring the very finest quality assurance throughout production. Since 1917, with almost 100 years expertise in the field, Nikon has always been at the forefront of optical and technological innovation, promoting creativity and trustworthiness as part of the company’s global mission statement. With innovative solutions Nikon have assisted research to introduce some truly memorable achievements.



LI-COR Biosciences is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high quality, innovative instruments, software, reagents, and integrated systems for plant biology, biotechnology, drug discovery, and environmental research.




LabInstruments is a supplier of laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, consumables and reagents for research and production in the fields of biology, chemistry, biotechnology, ecology, ecomonitoring, photosynthesis, plants gas exchange and related areas. LabInstruments is an official representative of leading world manufacturers from USA and Europe: LI-COR (USA), Eppendorf (Germany), Labconco (USA), New Brunswick (now a part of Eppendorf), Linseis (Germany), Fibercell Systems (USA) and others. Also LabInstruments supplies equipment from other famous manufacturers, including Merck, Millipore, Sigma, Guava, Wheaton, Sonics & Materials, Agilent, Waters, GE Healthcare and many others

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Since over 25 years, Dia-m provides laboratory consumables and reagents as well as analytical equipment for research institutions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Voronezh, Novosibirsk and Rostov-na-Donu. We collaborate with producers from all over the World.


The MILLAB company specializes in supplying analytical, testing, laboratory, reactor, thermal and vacuum equipment from leading brands to effectively solving the various tasks in laboratories and industry. We offer equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, Binder, Vacuubrand, Nabertherm, Mettler Toledo, etc. We provide a full range of services from consulting and installation to warrantee and after-sales service. Our representative offices placed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Krasnodar and Nizhny Novgorod.



The Helicon Company is a leading supplier of laboratory instruments and consumables for a Life Science and Applied Science markets in Russia.  Helicon Company’s customers are specialists in the field of Life Science: molecular and cellular biology, genomics, proteomics, as well as Applied Science: molecular diagnostics, genetic analysis and identification, veterinary and plant breeding in agriculture.



логотип Веук

The East-European Managing Company (VEUK) is an official partner and the authorized distributer of the Leica Group Companies. Products of Leica, the world-famous company with a history of ca. 200 years, include a wide spectrum of optical devices and workflow solutions for medicine and biology. The equipment is being sold in Russia since 1990, and has been highly appreciated by medical scientists, biologists and university professors. We are open to a dialog with potential users of modern innovatory equipment which meets the highest demands of contemporary science and practice.


ALAMED is a company supplying laboratory equipment and reagents for Life Science laboratories. Our customers work in molecular and cell biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, drug discovery, diagnostics fields. ALAMED is a distributor of worldwide known manufacturers as GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Roche, ACEA Biosciences, Sony Biotechnology, Serva, Millipore, Thermo Fisher and others. We represent cutting-edge technologies and are always ready to provide the interesting solution for any task and budget.